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Ah, the well-known tequila pictures. Which get together or teenager’s night time out is full and not using a few tequila pictures “thrown again”. So, what is that this drink? The place is it made? What’s it created from? How is it made? To get solutions to those questions, learn on.

Firstly, lets clear the most typical false impression. Tequila will not be created from a cactus. Tequila is derived from a plant often called the blue agave. The agave plan doesn’t belong to the cactus household, and to be botanically right, it belongs to the amaryllis household.

That is how the Mexican authorities defines and regulates Tequila:

“Tequila is the distilled product of the vino mezcal (pulque of the blue agave), which has been cultivated, fermented and distilled across the area of Tequila, within the state of Jalisco.”

Huh? Give me a minute to clarify.

The blue agave has thick fruits that seem like pineapples, solely heavier. These 80 (to 120 pound) fruits include a thick candy sap known as aguamiel or “honey water”. The pineapples are taken to the distillery, the place they’re heated to upto 94 C or round 200 F. That is performed to launch as a lot juice as potential. The rest of the juice is extracted by urgent the fruit with the assistance of equipment. The sap is now accumulate in massive vats, the place they are going to be fermented. This liquid is now known as “madre pulque” or “mom pulque”.

To start the method of fermentation a little bit of mast from the earlier distillation is added. The fermentation course of takes between 2 to three days. As soon as the fermentation is suitable. The liquid is now distilled of at 28 proof. A second distillation at round 100 proof is then carried out. This double distilled liquid is now Tequila Blanca or Tequila White. By including demineralized water it is able to bottle at 40 % quantity and be exported.

Sure Tequilas are allowed to age within the oak barrels for a time frame. It is called oro or Golden Tequila. This is because of the truth that the oak has let a few of its color. This isn’t formally acknowledged by the Mexican Authorities, until it’s aged for a minimal interval of 1 yr. After which it is called añejo Tequila.

The opposite factor about Tequila is that, for the reason that blue agave plant takes virtually 10 years to mature and bear fruit. The Mexican authorities has decreed that 51 % of blue agave plaque blended with fermentable sugars can also be enough for the product to be known as Tequila. Nevertheless, premium Tequilas could also be created from 100% blue agave.

Tequila as everyone knows are had as pictures. However, the fascinating factor is that Tequila consumption was comparatively low in america and world wide within the 1980s. It was not even drunk in different states of Mexico commonly. The invention of the Margarita nevertheless, modified the course of this humble Mexican concoction. This salt rimmed tequila based mostly cocktail has captured the hearts of many a “refined” drinkers as properly.

Nevertheless, Tequila has had a couple of sinister cousins to blemish its identify. One such being mezcal. Mezcal is a rougher and single distilled product of the inferior agave. This product will not be regulated and therefore, producers run rampid with the variations in formulae and processes. A few of them are additionally bottled with reside worms inside them. These are sometimes confused with Tequila. Though, they each are created from agave, mezcal is created from the inferior agave, whereas Tequila can solely be created from the blue agave Weber. Although they belong to the identical household, there are marked variations within the two with regards to their palatability and ultimate merchandise.

Until you’re in an Indian Jones temper, I might advise you to remain clear of those and luxuriate in your Tequila. Its an exquisite drink and way more acceptable to the palate. To discover ways to really take pleasure in your tequila, do learn my article: How To Drink Tequila.

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